Blenheim Chalcot - Software Developer

Software Developer: Working on developing projects aimed at automating performance assessment and streamlining the employee performance review (PRF) process. Additionally, I have led the development of a project focused on efficiently managing employee allocation across various projects.

TechStack: React.js, Next.js, TypeScript, Node.js, Python - FastApi, Azure functions, Power Automate.

PropertyPistol - Software Developer

Software Development: Working on developing two react native apps and services consisting different transitions, displaying different visuals of property and multiple details. Apps developed by React Native CLI for Android and iOS.

Developed Modules: Projects, Home loan, Property View, Passbooks, Enquiries, Drawing Canvas.

Libraries: Redux Saga/Thunk, Native base, React Navigation, Firebase.

TechStack: React.js, React Native, Angular, TypeScript, JavaScript, Node.js, Python - FastApi, MongoDB, Redis, Jira/Redmine.

Edvora EdTeach StartUp - Cheif Technology Officer

Cross-team Development Management: Managed cross-team development, setup workflows and pipelines,documentations and technology operation procedures across the teams.

Developed Modules: Examination Portal, Classrooms, Timeline, Attendance, and Videoconferencing with Whiteboard.

DevOps Pipeline: Setup an efficient DevOps pipeline across the system with SOPs for testing, staging, and production environments.

Automatic Unit Testing: Set up automatic unit testing, bug reporting and bug solving pipeline, and testing evaluation procedures using Jira.

Production Facilitation: Facilitated production of the entire system, auto-scaling of clusters, horizontal scaling of pods, and load balancers.

Deployment & Monitoring: Wrote deployment procedures and testing scripts and monitored kubernetes pods and deployments, setting alerts for reporting any service issues.

Edvora - Tech Lead

Development: Developed Examination Portal, Classrooms, Timeline, Video Conferencing with Whiteboard.

CI/CD Pipeline: Managed CI/CD pipeline deployment and management of frontend, backend, cloud services, and third-party services, and deployments through Docker and Kubernetes on Digital Ocean.

Feature Control: Setup role and permission based engines for feature control at different access levels.

Videoconferencing: Utilized Agora SDK for videoconferencing and socket.io for real-time communication.

TechStack: React.js, React Native, Next.js, Chakra UI, Node.js, Express.js, TypeScript, JavaScript, FastAPI, Redis, MongoDB, Digital Ocean, Kubernetes, Docker, Socket.io, Agora, Jira.

GreenBoard - Full Stack Software Developer

Software: Working on full software package that consists of 3 native and 3 web-apps build on React Native and React. 3 Backend projects were build in Node.js and deployed over Aws EC2 Instance with auto scaling and Elastic load balancers.

Tech Stack: Mongo Express React Node.js & React Native

GreenBoard - React Native Developer

Project: Education app involving courses, assignments, lectures, tests, user profile, attendance, and parent-view.

Language: React Native

NGB Living - Machine Learning Intern

Project: Designing an interactive chat assistant to automate the existing process for addressing customer queries.

Dataset Creation: Dataset was created using FAQs and queries that the company received through emails

Model Creation: Built on TF-IDF vectorizers, GloVe Embeddings, Cosine Similarity, and Query Handler

Model Deployment: Deployed the model on WordPress and Cloud-Run (GCP) server-less platform

Tech Stack: Cloud-Run (GCP), Docker, gcloud-cli, Javascirpt, Python, Flask, git

iPing Data Labs - Machine Learning & Computer Vision Intern

Project: Automating quality assurance for industry workers while ensuring safety paraphernalia and smooth execution of the industrial processes using Computer Vision.

Computer Vision: Performed object detection and logging time periods by deploying YOLO-V3 with transfer learning and fine tuning classifications for all layers of the network.

Data Creation: Generated the data, scraped and tested for redundancy from the industrial video scenarios using Python v3.7 and Google Colaboratory.

Machine Learning: Fine-tuned YOLO-V3 using pre-trained MS-COCO weights, modified for custom dataset.

Association of Computer Engineering Students - Technical Advisor

Competitive Programming: Created a competitive programming environment in the college by organising several Hackathons and Webathons ranging for over 24-hours. Created CP problems for the hackathons.

Technical Workshops: Organized events and workshops based on tools and technologies like C, C++, Python, Java, R, Swift, PHP, and NetBeans, depending upong the students’ profile and requirements.

Technical Festivals: Managed and organized technical festivals related to College and Department.